What is Social Security Disability benefits and how you may be eligible to receive monthly financial support from the Government

Social security Disability claim

Having a disability can result in devastating outcomes for an individual and their family.

Not only is there a physical and emotional impact, but in many cases a person is unable to continue working – losing their income and ability to afford essentials like food and housing.

Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI) came into law in 1956 to provide aid to disabled citizens. This program is governed by the Social Security Administration (SSA) and provides individuals with a source of income when they can’t work due to a disability.

As of June 30, 2020 the estimated average SSDI benefit for a disabled worker is $1,259/month.

How Does SSDI Work?

SSDI benefits are federally funded. So when you work, and pay your Social Security taxes, you earn Social Security “work credits” that can be used if you need to stop working due to a disability.

To qualify for SSDI benefits, you must:

  • Be unable to work due to a medical condition that is expected to last at least one year (or result in death)
  • Meet SSA’s definition of a disability
  • Be younger than your full retirement age

Unsure about which conditions meet the SSA’s definition of a disability? In a recent article, we share the top 5 most common medical conditions approved for SSDI.

When should I apply?

Many people delay applying for SSDI, believing that they need to be disabled for a certain period of time before they will be considered. This is not true. 

The SSDI approval process can take time and you may experience delays as you gather medical records and other supporting documentation. 

Although an individual will not receive benefits until after their sixth full month of being disabled, we recommend you apply as soon as you believe you are disabled to shorten any waiting period while your application is under review.

How Can I Apply?

The first step is determining if you are likely to qualify for SSDI. 

To start the process of getting approved for benefits, and speak to someone that can help you apply, click here to complete a quick 30 second form now to see if you qualify.

While you can apply for SSDI at your local Social Security Administration office, or apply online through the SSA website, it is recommended that you enroll the help of a lawyer or legal advocate when submitting your application. 

This generally results in a higher chance of approval and the opportunity to receive more in disability benefits. With so many applications getting initially denied by the Social Security Administration, it can be difficult to get approved on your own.

We hope to help you receive the benefits you deserve!

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