How to get Medicare early (through SSDI)

Get Medicare early through SSDI

Medicare is federal health insurance for seniors 65 or older, persons with specific disabilities and also individuals who’ve been diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease.

Medicare has two parts: Part A, which is hospital insurance, and Part B, which is medical insurance. In most cases, Part A is covered under Medicare and Part B is available at a monthly premium which is determined based on your work history (if and for how long you have paid Medicare taxes).

The enrollment period for Medicare begins 3 months before a person turns 65 years of age, but there are some exceptions that may allow you to receive Medicare early.

When you are under 65, you are eligible for Medicare if:

  • You’ve been on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) for at least two years
  • You are on SSDI because you suffer from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease) 
  • You have been diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease

The two year waiting period for medicare begins the first month that you receive an SSDI check. At the beginning of the 25th month, individuals on SSDI will be automatically enrolled in Medicare.

If you receive SSDI because you have Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, the two-year waiting period is waived, and Medicare automatically begins the first month that your SSDI benefits start.

Sign up for Medicare online or contact your local social security office to review your records and see if you qualify for early Medicare coverage. 

If you believe that you are disabled and entitled to Social Security disability benefits we recommend you complete this free evaluation to find out if your specific circumstances qualify ≫

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