Could SSDI recipients get a second stimulus check?

SSDI and Stimulus Checks

The CARES Act, which included a first round of stimulus check payments in April 2020, saw the US government pay out over $2 trillion in cash payments to Americans.

Top negotiators on Capitol Hill continue to make the case for another stimulus relief bill that would include another round of stimulus checks for those who are eligible. 

If you receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and this new stimulus relief bill passes, you will likely qualify for a second payment under the CARES Act.

How much am I eligible to receive?

Washington negotiators have agreed to restart talks, but a deal has not been reached yet. However, It’s likely that if a second stimulus check is approved it will be based largely on the amount of the first payment received earlier this year.

As we saw with the first round of stimulus checks, the amount received is primarily based on your adjusted gross income (AGI)which determines the percentage of the maximum payment received ($1200 for individuals, $2400 for married couples and $500 for each eligible dependent).

In most cases, SSDI recipients received $1200 during the first round of stimulus payments. We won’t know the exact details of the second stimulus payment until the bill is passed, but proposals indicate the qualifications will remain the same.

What if I still haven’t received my first-round stimulus check?

If you are on SSDI and have not yet received your first-round stimulus check, the IRS may need additional information to determine your eligibility. This is often the case with SSDI recipients who have low income and are not required to file a tax return.

To get approved for your first payment, and set yourself up to qualify for a possible second-round payment, visit the IRS website and follow the instructions for “Non-Filers”.

Non-Filers who have not received their stimulus payments need to provide information to the IRS by October 15, 2020 to qualify.

If you are interested in getting approved for Social Security Disability Benefits, and speak to someone that can help you apply, click the button below and complete the quick 30 second form now. We hope to help you receive the benefits you deserve!

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  1. Oskar A. Quintanilla

    Yes, I received the 1st check and now I don’t have any benefits, no EDD benefits I don’t on March of this year they help me then they stop on June, never told the reason why I’m been working for the last 40 yrs.

    1. National Disability Benefits

      Hi Oskar,

      We are sorry to hear that. I’m not familiar with the EDD benefits but if you go to https://nationaldisabilitybenefits.org/?aid=kr, you can take a short survey to see how we can help you.

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