What to do if you were denied for Social Security Disability Benefits

It is not uncommon to be denied when you initially apply for Social Security Disability Benefits. In fact, it is believed that about 67% of all disability claims nationwide are denied when they are first submitted to the Social Security Administration.

As many discover, getting approved for Social Security Disability Benefits can be a challenging task. Just navigating the application system on your own and completing the required paperwork is not always easy.

Next, having the proper documentation required to get approved can be difficult to put together if you have never gone through the process before which is the case for most applicants. However, having your application denied doesn’t mean you should quit. Many applicants who are initially denied are later able to have this decision overruled and ultimately end up receiving benefits.

How to get your initially denied disability application overruled and approved

First of all, you always want to appeal this decision and go through the appeal process. If you simply just make a new application, it is likely that the Social Security Administration will just deny your claim again.

Your goal is to eventually get your case heard by a judge in an appeal. This will give you the best chance of winning your case. By the time that a claim gets to a judge, the likelihood of getting denied is now much lower.

One of the biggest reasons for this is because applicants who have made it to this stage have now hired a lawyer or some sort of legal representation. Applicants with legal representation have a 300% higher chance of getting approved versus those who choose not to.

Many worry about the cost of legal representation, however you can hire a lawyer based on contingency. This means you only pay if the lawyer helps you to successfully win your case! If you still lose, you pay them nothing.

A good disability lawyer has the training and experience required to get the proper evidence together including information from the applicants doctor or other necessary medical information in order to get approved. These lawyers are also very equipped to find errors made by Social Security that do happen from time to time.

Another big reason that many people later get approved after first having they application rejected is due to the ongoing deterioration of their health. It does take some time to eventually get to a judge, and in that time it’s likely that a qualified applicants current health condition has only gotten worst over time.

Lastly, at the end of the day all judges are human. When they do eventually meet an applicant face to face and hear directly from the applicant the reason why they can no longer work, they are more likely to be convinced of the applicants disability and want to help them. Thus the applicant can they have the initial denied application overruled and now be approved to receive benefits!

So if you currently are in a situation where you can not work due to an ongoing health issue and believe that you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits but your initial claim was denied, make sure to get started on the appeal process to get your case over turned and receive the benefits you deserve.

To start the process of getting approved for benefits, and speak to someone that can help you apply, click the button below and complete the quick 30 second form now. We hope to help you receive the benefits you deserve!

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35 Responses
  1. Olivia Subijano

    I am intending to apply for SSI/disability for the first time. Kindly provide me with information regarding legal assistance.

    Thank you.

  2. Mell

    I am waiting to hear from Social Security if I’m denied I’m going to ask to see a Judge I’ve been doing this for about 4 Years getting denied had no idea I could go before a Judge just found out thank you for reaching out . please stay safe 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  3. Its ridiculous that I was denied my benefits for disability. My husband gets garnished for my medical bills that we can’t pay even though we have insurance it’s not enough. I need someone to hold my hand and help me get through this process again. Please help me.

  4. George Scott Smith

    How the hell does someone who has cancer mental health blood clots and high blood pressure get denied for disability???????

  5. Martha Hampton

    I have had MS for sometime. I was diagnosed with this disease may 2018.
    I have a legitimate disease and need social security disability.

  6. Need to find a lawyer who will represent my case. I was denied for ssdi …but supposedly no-one has made a decision on ssi yet…was told it would take 90 to 120 days to here back but I was only given 60 days to appeal ssdi claim. Not sure how to proceed.

  7. Ray Dauphinais

    TV meeting with a judge who wouldn’t hear my case after I waited for over a year to get it heard..I was sent to a place I never heard of where there was no parking and impossible one way street to get around that I was unacoustomed to.. I was About 30 minutes late because of these reasons and it was plenty early in the day and not many people waiting for their hearing…I am disappointed in the way I was treated ..I waited a really long time and I am sure I qualify for benefits…


    I have seizures and cannot work. The doctor need to do brain surgery. It’s called DVM and will be on meds for the rest of my life. I have worked since I was 15 and paid into social security since. I can’t even get medical to even have surgery and I can’t pay out of pocket.

  9. Yvonne Green

    I receive Social Security Disability but, I’m not sure that I’m receiving enough. Im 63 years of age and, all I receive is $870.00 a month. I have a niece who receives the same thing I receive and, she gets SSI.

  10. Donna Corley


    I wish to appeal my case, but I am not quaranteed at hone and my phone does not work I can only receive emails. How should I proceed.

  11. Elisa Richards

    Why people whit several mixed symptoms of bipolar disorder and history of childhood abused, was denied if they was working and paying social security for 20 years will fighting to not be on desability and trying to hold a job a least a part time the last 5 years?

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