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CARE Mortgage Options
The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act provides many homeowners with protection against foreclosure, as well as the right to pause mortgage payments during times of financial hardship.A federal law put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic offers two protections for homeowners with...
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medicaid coverage
Medicaid is a public assistance healthcare program available to all low-income Americans. Unlike Medicare, which guarantees coverage for individuals ages 65 and older and with certain disabilities, Medicaid determines coverage based largely on financial need. Medicaid is paid for with public funds collected through income...
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Get Medicare early through SSDI
Medicare is federal health insurance for seniors 65 or older, persons with specific disabilities and also individuals who’ve been diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease.Medicare has two parts: Part A, which is hospital insurance, and Part B, which is medical insurance. In most cases, Part...
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The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps families in need afford home energy services and reduce the health and safety concerns that can be caused by unsafe heating and cooling practices. LIHEAP is a federally funded program with budget and coverage specifics that...
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In response to concerns about long wait periods for disability benefit determination, the Compassionate Allowances program is available to applicants whose medical conditions are so serious that they are clearly qualified for disability benefits. This allows the most obviously disabled applicants to receive benefits within...
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