4 Tips For Winning Your Social Security Disability Benefits Faster

Going through the approval process and ultimately receiving Social Security Disability Benefits can be a lengthy process. What makes it harder is the financial strain it puts on you and your family while in the waiting period. With bills to pay and limited work options, it can put many into a very challenging financial position. That’s why we wanted to share 4 simple tips with you in order to help you receive your Social Security Disability Benefits faster!

1. Provide a detailed list on your disability application of each and every source of medical treatment.

The more in depth and detailed you make your disability application, the better. It’s worth the time investment to get it done properly the first time. Make sure to include the names of any doctors you have seen, the address of all hospitals and clinics you received treatment at and the date of each treatment. Also make sure to include your medical records going as far back as you can in order to maximize your benefits. In some cases, people have received retroactive disability benefits.

2. Include copies of your medical records along with your disability application.

In order to get approved for benefits, an examiner needs to review your medical records and can not make a decision on your claim until they’ve been received. In order to do this, they have to make a medical request and it’s common for hospitals and clinics to be slow to respond. This can potentially add unnecessary weeks or months to having your disability claim approved! However, if you include your medical records along with your disability application, you can help save the examiner time and can help expedite the process since they no longer need to wait for these records.

3. Stay on top of your claim.

It’s important that you understand the status of your disability claim at all times and in order to do that, you want to make frequent check-ins via phone call. This is your disability claim, therefore it’s important that you stay on top of all the details to ensure everything is on track. By doing this, you’ll make sure that the Social Security office has all your information needed in order to get approved, and that they are not waiting on a specific document or haven’t lost anything. Documents do get lost from time to time so it’s your responsibility to make sure they have everything they need.

4. Get help with your claim.

If you believe you have a strong claim, and you want to greatly increase your odds of getting approved, we recommend you get professional help from a lawyer. You can actually have a lawyer represent you on contingency meaning they only get paid if you win your claim and receive disability benefits! Not only will this increase the odds of winning your case, but in many cases a lawyer experienced in this field can help you get more money since they know what to look for and how to present your claim.

To start the process of getting approved for benefits, and speak to someone that can help you apply, click the button below and complete the quick 30 second form now. We hope to help you receive the benefits you deserve!

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