The power of a free disability lawyer

Social security benefits checkA free disability lawyer can help you obtain the payment you deserve without taking crucial funding away from recovery. The National Disability Benefits organization helps Americans navigate the tricky world of social security disability.

Who qualifies for social security disability?

The Social Security and Supplemental Security Income pays benefits for those truly considered disabled. Each program differs in who qualifies and the amount paid.

Those on Supplemental Security Income, SSI, receive benefits based on financial need while Social Security Disability Insurance, SSDI, offers aid to an individual who pays a certain amount of Social Security taxes.

What are social security taxes?

Social security taxes are paid from your paycheck. If you are not self-employed, this information is available on your W-2 form.

You qualify for social security by compiling credits on your earnings. In 2020, earning 1410 taxable dollars entitles you to one work credit with a maximum of four credits per year, granting you certain benefits.

What do I provide to qualify for assistance?

Government officials require documentation of your disability before granting aid. The programs require medical and other information collected on your condition.

The social security administration organization provides an online screening tool to help you discover whether you qualify for aid. The government lays out a specific set of diseases.

Are my social security benefits reduced if I claim disability?

Pensions and retirement benefits may affect your overall disability benefits. However, retirement benefits are not typically impacted by a disability request.

If you qualify, it is usually better to request benefits under the SSDI. These benefits are less likely to be impacted by an existing pension or government-based retirement benefits.

Can anyone help me obtain disability benefits?

Receiving assistance from a disability lawyer places you in control of your benefits. Disability and employment lawyers specialize in analyzing each case.

If you think you were unjustly denied benefits, a lawyer advises you on the next steps to take. Many cases are more complex than they appear on the surface and contacting a lawyer prior to submitting an application will help you optimize your paperwork.

Finding help online

The National Disability organization serves as an excellent launch pad alongside the Social Security Administration website. These resources offer a free evaluation and screening tool.

The National Disability Benefits organization maintains a matrix allowing you to see the number of benefits you may qualify for. Taking this information to a disability lawyer gives you a leg up in the process.

Free disability lawyer

Many law schools and even law firms offer free intake appointments or clinics to help you obtain the benefits you deserve. However, entering these appointments armed with a knowledge of your rights and entitlement under the law will give you a leg up in obtaining the maximum benefits.

You deserve a full life even if your disease makes this difficult. Researching your benefits will help you ease your pain.

Visit the National Disability Benefits organization today to get started with a free evaluation.

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