The best benefits for disability for depression

At National Disability Benefits, we help Americans apply for  disability for depression in all 50 states. Our team of professionals reduces the physical and emotional hardship that applicants face and do not charge any fee until your claim is successful.

Qualifying outside of the depression listing

If you do not meet the requirements of the depression listing, the SSA will determine that your depression is not severe enough and consider granting you a medical-vocational allowance. Social Security will begin by assessing your depression symptoms and evaluating your ability to engage in unskilled work. Social security may look at your ability to:

  1. Carry out simple instructions
  2. Make work-related decisions
  3. Respond to supervision and co-workers
  4. Handle changes in routine

Unless you have severe disabling depression, getting disability benefits can be a long shot. However, if you have depression alongside another mental or physical impairment, you are more likely to get the benefits without any delays.

We help our clients understand how Social Security makes these decisions and educate them on how they can get disability benefits if their condition is not severe or disabling. Our legal professionals take care of your paperwork, prevent and correct common mistakes in the application, and help our clients receive maximum benefits across multiple programs.

Appealing a denial of benefits for depression

If you feel like you have a strong case and the SSA denies your disability benefits, contact a disability lawyer to help you with an appeal. Applicants who have legal representation are more likely to win an appeal hearing.

Applicants who represent themselves have a lower approval rate, as self-representation can jeopardize your chances of receiving disability benefits. We are a leading law firm with a successful track record in helping clients win their disability benefits as soon as possible.

Can you get a disability for depression?

You can get disability benefits for depression if you meet specific disability criteria mentioned in the Social Security's impairment listing manual. You may also become eligible for a medical-vocational allowance depending upon the severity of your depression, work history, age, and educational qualification.

Depression falls under Social Security's impairment listing 12.04. The applicant must have at least five of the listed symptoms and at least one functional problem to qualify for the Social Security disability benefits. Some of these symptoms include:

  1. Depressed mood
  2. Decreased interest in almost all activities
  3. Poor appetite or overeating resulting in a weight gain/loss
  4. Insomnia or oversleeping
  5. Difficulty concentrating or thinking
  6. Feeling worthless or guilty
  7. Thoughts of death or suicide
  8. Decreased physical movement and reactions

Functional symptoms:

  1. Extreme limitation in understanding, remembering, or applying information
  2. Extreme limitation in interacting with others
  3. Extreme limitation in concentrating, persisting, or maintaining pace in performing tasks
  4. Extreme limitation in adapting or managing oneself

Call us at 844-777-0615 to apply by phone or visit the National Disability Benefits website for a free evaluation. We can help you apply for disability for depression and help you comprehend the disability claim options available to you. 

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