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South Florida Title

When buying a home, you have to think about the financing options available to you. Since you’re not an expert, it’s advisable to hire a mortgage broker who will help you get a loan that fits your needs. Mortgage brokers act as a go-between for prospective lenders and borrowers.

We at Omega Title are a customer-centered South Florida title company that aims at helping you verify your title and handle all legal issues that relate to settlement. We work with lenders, investors, buyers, sellers, and real estate agents to handle new construction, short sales, financed transitions, bank foreclosures, and deed transfers. In addition, we offer regular training workshops for mortgage brokers, so we understand what their job description entails.

Qualities of A Good Mortgage Broker

When you are looking for financing to buy a house, you will need an expert to help you choose the right lender; here are essential qualities to look for in a mortgage broker.

  • Licensed

A good mortgage broker should be licensed by the state. To get a broker license, he or she should have taken 20 hours of training and passed your state’s license exam. The licensing process includes a background check by the FBI, the state, and a credit report check.

Brokers should renew their licenses every year, so make sure your mortgage broker has a current license. You can look up the broker’s name on your state’s OFR website or call them and ask to verify your mortgage broker’s licensing.

  • Transparency

A good mortgage broker is honest and transparent about their charges and does not become evasive when you ask how much they will make from your transaction. If a mortgage broker is unwilling to reveal what they make from helping you, they may not be trustworthy.

  • Knowledgeable

A good broker should have a good understanding of financing and mortgages. The market is continuously changing, and they should be up to date with the latest trends. If you find that the person you are talking to does not seem to know what is happening in the local mortgage market, it’s best to consider other options.

  • Attention to detail

Mortgages are a complicated business, and your broker should be detail-oriented. You can assess this by looking at whether they show up on time for meetings and promptly call you back. Ask them about references so you can talk to previous clients about their experience.

  • Good Negotiation Skills

The higher the interest rates on a mortgage, the more expensive it is for you. Your broker should be able to help you get a loan with the most attractive interest rates. Take time to compare what the mortgage broker offers with other options on the internet using online mortgage comparison tools.

Make Informed Decisions

At Omega Title, we offer friendly, efficient, and professional title verification services.  When your mortgage broker gets the right loan, we are a South Florida title company here to help you through the closing process. If you have queries about your title or property, we can help. For more information, you can also visit our website or download our app on Google Play or the Apple AppStore.

South Florida Title
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