Reasons You Do Not Qualify for Colorado Disability Benefits

 <a target=Colorado Disability Benefits" />Millions of people are hopeful for Social Security Disability benefits each year. Only 30% of these applications pass the SSA’s requirements in regards to the format and content. Why do so many applications fail to meet the mark?

The Social Security Disability benefits are different in each claim. It is essential to understand that they also have particular requirements and can deny the claim for a few minute issues. Use the following reasons to refine your application and increase your chances of getting the rightful benefits.

Common reasons for SSA benefits denial

Insufficient medical evidence

Many social security benefits will not pass the scrutiny because they lack proper medical evidence to support the claims. One must have the proper medical records to indicate how they interfere with your ability to work. This requirement is so essential that the SSA will not consider your application if you do not have documented reports from frequent hospital visits.

People who assume that Colorado Disability Benefits are acquirable without a report reduce their chances of receiving treatment even after the first denial. Please keep a record every time you visit the doctor, and let them know it is critical that you only present a verifiable document to the SSA.

Initial denial

Unlike popular belief, filing for disability the second time will not earn you automatic approval. In some cases, the claim will be denied because you did not go through an appeal process. It is best to use our SSA application service to increase your chances of approval for the second or third time.

A high income

The SSDI offers a benefits program for individuals who pay into the system over several years. One of the main reasons you may not get the benefits as a worker is if your income is above the limit of a qualified salary, meaning the salary is above $1310 every month. The SSI adjusts the limit each year to match the current economy. The limit on all earned and investment income should not exceed $1600 a month; hence anyone who earns $1650 at any particular time will not qualify for future SSI benefits.

A short-term disability

The SSA must believe that your impairment is severe and will affect your working ability for at least 12 months or have a fatalistic threat. The SSA will automatically deny bone fractures from acute trauma because they are unlikely to cause a functional disability. However, they may consider their decision if the fractures do not heal within six months. Please take advantage of our service to sway the SSA towards offering you’re a benefit after the appeal and secondary application.

Difficult cooperation

The SSA may require additional information to complete your medical records. They may need you to attend therapy or consultative examination to offer you a convenient solution. In most cases, they will deny your claim if you do not show up to the scheduled treatment sessions or fail to get proper documents to prove your disability.

National Disability Benefits ensures you stand a better chance for a high-quality life by helping you with the application and following through with it until you get the proper coverage. Get in touch today at 1-844-777-0615 for more details on our application process.

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