Professional disability for depression

Are you struggling financially because of mental illness? As a tax-paying American, you may be eligible for social security disability for depression benefits. National Disability Benefits can help you find out if your specific situation is a qualifying condition.

How to qualify for disability benefits

We base our qualifying list of conditions on the standard Disability Determination Services or DDS protocol. The agency uses the legacy “Blue Book” to formulate its list. For you to receive benefits, your disability claim must meet the required criteria specified by the Social Security Administration or SSA. While some mental disorders qualify for disability benefits, you need a proper evaluation to be positive.

Take our free evaluation to get a definite answer. Your positive diagnosis is not the criteria on which we exclusively base your qualification. Eligibility for total disability is applicable depending on the severity of your condition and the circumstances that follow. For example, how has your disability changed your life? Your answers will determine your eligibility.

Understanding social security disability

What our agency strives for is to ensure you understand your rights and options. We will help you secure your benefits quickly if you qualify. It might surprise you to know that the lack of transparency regarding disability benefits qualification leaves thousands like you struggling. Our platform aims to educate the uninformed and help you learn if you qualify for SSA disability for depression. We help you in the following ways:

  • Prevent application delays
  • Reduce rejection risks
  • Avoid unnecessary fees
  • Maximize benefits across programs
  • Reduce emotional and physical hardship

Why take free evaluation?

You only need a minute to take this evaluation. When you do this brief assessment, you will learn how much your disability claim could give you should you qualify. Did you know that you can receive social security benefits even if your circumstance is not permanent? Yes, you may be eligible for support if you can prove your disability hinders your ability to secure full-time employment.

Something to note is that you cannot qualify unless your circumstance remains uncertain for a year or longer. Otherwise, you will not be eligible and should not file for disability benefits. Taking the free assessment will let you know your status before filing a disability claim.

What to know before you file for disability benefits

Although anyone with a qualifying condition can be eligible for social security disability compensation, there are some restrictions. Under the right circumstances, you can qualify for social security disability back pay. You can also combine benefits where applicable.

Are you working? Unless your case is an exception as per SSA guidelines, you may be ineligible for disability support as an employed claimant. Once you meet the minimum monthly pre-tax gross pay, you are less likely to qualify.

Do you have questions about applying for disability for depression, call our helpline at 1 (844) 777 - 0615. You can also send us an email at contact@nationaldisabilitybenefits.org. We can arrange for you to speak with a qualified SSA disability benefits caseworker. Don’t forget to complete a National Disability Benefits free evaluation to verify your eligibility.

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