Is Sleep Apnea a Disability

Veterans are vulnerable to suffer from sleep apnea at least four times more than the average. Max Hirshkotiwtz of the Sleep Apnea Center stated that five percent of Americans have sleep apnea, and up to twenty percent of veterans experience the condition.

Congress supported awareness of sleep apnea in 2007, for the benefit of veterans. They asked the Department of Veterans Affairs to have a more concentrated interest in the matter and develop solutions that would ease the management.

In 2008, the number of veterans receiving social security benefits amounted to 61 percent of all candidates with sleep apnea. The head of the Sleep Apnea Center revealed that it is essential to acquire coverage because the condition poses severe limitations in life and the work environment.

What is sleep apnea?

It is a disability that shortly stops breathing as one sleeps. A sleep apnea patient will stop breathing for at least one minute during an eight-hour sleep duration. The stop in breathing is due to obstruction by tissue in the back of the throat. The real question is 'Is sleep apnea is a disability?'

Breathing resumes with snoring, as the brain regulates normal airflow. Sleep apnea tends to make one tired after a long night. A stifling sleep apnea condition will limit the amount of work that one can accomplish during the day.

Is sleep apnea a disability?

The Social Security Administration removed sleep apnea in its medical listing of disabilities. Sleep Apnea is, however, viable for disability benefits due to the associated symptoms. Sleep apnea is a causative condition of the following problems:

  • Diabetes
  • Rhinitis
  • Heart conditions
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Mental deficiency
  • Nerve problems
  • Mental illness

How does one qualify for benefits?

One has to prove that complications from sleep apnea prevent them from working. The SSA has a list of conditions one must meet to qualify for the coverage.

  • An apparent reduction in intelligence by at least 15 IQ points may manifest as difficulty in concentrating, cognitive problems, hallucinations, and disability to complete work.
  • Mood swings that dip in and out of depression. You could also have apparent temper issues and irrational and impulsive decision-making.
  • A mental disorder that lasts up to two years and makes it impossible to perform daily work.

How does one apply for disability benefits?

Most people would choose the straightforward method of making a direct application on the SSA online portal. Unfortunately, the option does not always empower one with the details that would verify your eligibility.

National Disability Benefits Organization makes it easy for you to make a first time application and receive sufficient benefits. We have a fully comprehensive free evaluation process that will give you instant output about your eligibility in acquiring SSA benefits. 

Positive results will attract benefit awards that fall under the category of ‘medical-vocational allowance.’ National Disability Benefits Organization will appeal to candidates who received a denial in their first application. We will review the former claim, remove mistakes in form filling, and include exempted details such as wrongful gaps in the work history and the income.

Are you curious to know if you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits? If eligible, you could get up to $2,788 a month and get the financial compensation you need.

Take this FREE one minute online survey to see how much you may qualify to receive.


Is Sleep Apnea a Disability

Disability Benefits: Is Sleep Apnea A Disability?

Is Sleep Apnea a DisabilitySleep apnea is a serious medical condition that can lead to chronic exhaustion. In some cases, it can be quite severe, preventing you from working. Social Security disability can assist if you meet certain requirements. If your sleep apnea is disrupting your work life, we might be able to assist you with your disability claims. At National Disability Benefits, we'll show you what to do and help you ...

Is Sleep Apnea a Disability? Types and Treatments

Sleep Apnea is a common type of sleep disorder. It is a concerning sleep disorder and if untreated, can lead to a shorter or fatigue-filled lifespan of an individual. It can happen to anyone from infant to adult but is most commonly diagnosed in males above 40 who are overweight. In the United States, around 22 million individuals are estimated to suffer from this disorder with over 80% of the cases estimated to be undiagnosed.What ...

Is Sleep Apnea a Disability? (How to Apply)

Is Sleep Apnea a Disability  Sleep apnea might be more common think you think, but it sleep apnea a disability? The answer is both yes and no. Let us further explain.Sleep apnea itself is not necessarily a qualifying disability, meaning that you probably will not be able to receive benefits from Social Security Disability just because you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea. Only in cases when sleep apnea has caused other serious ...
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