Coping With Disability


Disability is defined as a condition that affects the general well-being of an individual, limiting the senses, movements, or other activities. Disability can be manifested physically or mentally. It can also be from birth or develop during a person's lifetime due to an illness, accident, or other events which may occur suddenly or gradually.

COPD and disability can change an individual's normal activity but they can be effectively managed. Coping with a disability is not an easy task but there are ways you can gradually adapt to your present condition, manage it effectively and live a fulfilling life.

How to Cope With Disability

Different emotions are triggered when you are dealing with COPD and disability. Sadness, depression, fear of not being able to function normally, fear of not being able to go to school or work. 

According to CDC, 61 million adults in the United States live with a disability and one in four adults in the United States are living with some type of disability. With some practical steps, you can live with a disability and thrive. These are some of the practical ways to cope with a disability listed below.

Accept your Disability

Accepting your disability is the first step towards living well. It is tempting to ignore the situation and shy away from reality. Acceptance doesn't mean you have given up or you are simply being weak. It means you are ready to face the challenge and conquer it. When you accept your situation, it makes it easier to move forward and adapt. 

Don’t Dwell On Things Beyond Your Control

Try not to dwell on things you can not change. It's easy to keep thinking of how the disability could have been prevented or what you think you can no longer. Start thinking of what you can do, how to improve yourself and make the most of your abilities.

The time that would be wasted dwelling on things you can not change can be invested in learning about your condition and how best to manage it.

Grieve Properly

Giving yourself time to grieve is not a sign of weakness. When disability occurs due to a sudden event, it might be a hard pill to swallow. Suppressing your feelings is not a way forward. Grieving properly will help you sort out your feelings well enough to deal with the situation.

The most important thing is you must not dwell on grief, consciously pull yourself together and face the issue.

Ask For Help

The process of living with COPD and disability can be made easier with the assistance of professionals and other caregivers. Apart from getting physical help. You should also try to get mental help. Disabilities can provoke a myriad of emotions. Depression, anger, low self-esteem, fear can occur.

Speak up and get the necessary physical and mental help. Hiding your feelings and challenging them all alone may not be healthy. Do not be afraid to ask for help and speak to someone when you need to.

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