Auto Accident Attorney In Louisville

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Auto Accident Attorney In Louisville

Are you going back and forth with the question, 'should I contact an attorney for a car accident?' At Winston & Hiestand Law Group, we possess over 50 years of combined experience in handling personal injury cases and connect with clients on a personal level during this turbulent phase in their lives. Jeremy Winton is a leading auto accident attorney in Louisville with expert knowledge of the civil judicial system.

How long until the insurance company settles a claim?

If you suffered minor injuries in a car accident and the other party admits fault without dispute, you could receive your settlement from the insurance adjuster in as little as 30 days. However, it can last longer if you delay reporting the accident to the insurance company, the insurance agency takes time to accept your claim, or you are unhappy with the amount proposed.

Most insurance companies try their best to settle claims within 30 days. Remember that a fast settlement may not always yield the best results for you, and you must meet with an attorney to ensure reasonable compensation.

Who determines who was at fault in my auto accident?

Several parties come into play when determining the liability for a car accident. Usually, the responding police officer determines fault in most auto accidents. In some cases, footage from security cameras, witness statements, and the insurance agencies help determine fault.

If you apologize to the driver or occupants of the other vehicle involved in the accident, it implies that you are admitting fault. If you face issues with determining fault, be sure to contact a skilled auto accident attorney to help you.

What to do after a car accident?

It is normal to experience confusion and anxiety at the time of a car crash, but you mustn't let your emotions run high. Here are a couple of things that you should do immediately after a car accident:

Step 1 - Check for injuries, and don't leave the scene

Exchange insurance and contact information with the people involved in the crash, and wait for the law enforcement officer to reach the accident scene. In the meantime, check yourself, occupants of your car, and the other vehicle for any injuries. Leaving the accident scene without the police's permission can put you at risk of a hit-and-run charge.

Step 2 - Obtain insurance, personal information, and watch what you say

Obtain insurance and personal information from drivers involved in your accident. Make sure to take a picture of the other driver's insurance card and license and note the police officer's name and badge number. More importantly, don't admit fault to the other driver at the accident scene.

Step 3 - Gather potential evidence and call an attorney

Acquire essential details of the accident, such as details related to the vehicles involved in the accident, pictures of vehicle damage, skid marks, etc. Call one of the top Louisville car accident lawyers in KY to help you file a claim and seek compensation for your injuries and damages.

For more questions like 'when should you get an attorney for an auto accident,' 'how much does a car accident attorney cost' or 'what is the average settlement for a minor car accident,' call (619) 430-2355. Winston & Hiestand Law Group, Jeremy Winton is a preeminent auto accident attorney in Louisville with hundreds of positive reviews from past clients and a commendable track record in helping victims receive their rightful compensation.

Auto Accident Attorney In Louisville
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