Autism Disability

Autism is a condition that affects how one communicates and relates to other people. It will also affect how they interpret and relate to the world around. The condition affects the neural development of a child and does not get any better as one ages.

Medical studies state that autism stems from birth and will generally be unrecognized until after the age of three. Autism has varying degrees of severity, with the most intense causing several disabilities in society.

Signs of autism

Impaired social interaction

An inability to connect well with others through speech and non-verbal cues. The symptom manifests as an inability to respond well emotionally or reasonably approach others.

Problems with communication

Difficulty in forming and creating normal speech is usually the first sign of communication impairment.

Restrictive movement

Repetition of body movement, such as constant rearranging of items or preoccupation with a single action is a restrictive action. A need for a highly structured environment is also a sign of conditional motion.

Inadequate problem solving

Inability to interpret common issues is a potential sign of autism. It could also manifest as an inability to manage simple hygiene routines.

How does the Social Security Administration determine autism disability?

Social Security uses a five-step procedure to evaluate the case. The administration accepts applications and uses the Disability Determination Service examiner as the initial decision-maker. The professional works with a DDS physician to advance or disqualify the case. The Disability Determination Service official is typically the Administration Law Judge.

Non-medical criteria

The SSD evaluates your income to assess if you need extra benefits. Candidates with at least a monthly gross income of $1090 will not qualify for the benefits.

Severity test

The SSD official studies reports from a medical body to establish the status of the impairment. The National Disability Benefits Organization works closely with the official to present the eligibility of the case.

Medical listing

The SSD equates the results with one of the medical listings in its listing of impairments. The list has 14 impairment categories, which include all parts of the body and mind that could be affected by a medical impairment case.

Previous work

The examiner will establish whether you can perform a previously executable task.

What are the benefits of autism disability?

The Social Security Administration has two categories of benefits

Social Security Disability Insurance

The program is available to adult workers who have a disability. Most adults will not qualify for benefits because they lack enough work credits from previous employment. The setup is viable because autism tends to intensify with time and renders one unable to work at around the midlife stage.

Supplemental Security Income

The program is available to a more significant array of individuals, regardless of the age and working history. They, however, have to prove worthwhile for the medical eligibility and financial criteria. The program favors candidates with limited finances.

Adults can have both SSDI and SSI benefits while children are only qualified for SSI.

Are you curious to know if you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits? If eligible, you could get up to $2,788 a month and get the financial compensation you need.

Take this FREE one minute online survey to see how much you may qualify to receive.

How Does Someone Qualify For Autism Disability?

Is autism considered a disability? This is the kind of question that often sparks a bit of controversy. Some adults who have autism do not think of themselves as disabled but rather different. Many work and have an independent lifestyle with modifications. But, what if you are someone that could benefit greatly from autism disability payments?It is important to note that some people who have been diagnosed with autism cannot live an independent lifestyle. They ...

What You Need to Know About Autism Disability Benefits

Autism DisabilityThe Social Security Administration (SSA) offers benefits to people unable to earn a significant income due to a disability. You can file for social security disability if you or your child has an autism diagnosis. However, you need to make a successful claim before the SSA can award you any benefits.At National Disability Benefits, we assist Americans in their quest for disability benefits from the SSA. With the rate of ...
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